Piper is disappointed when she realises that Terese has forgotten her birthday once again. Tyler attempts to cheer up Piper, but she becomes distracted when she sees T-Bone has arrived back in Ramsay Street. Later, Piper is surprised when Tyler leads her to a surprise birthday brunch organised by Terese. Will Piper’s birthday plans go without a hitch?

After Courtney hitting on him, Leo feels conflicted. He seeks David and Amy’s advice and they both advise him not to say a thing to Paul. However, David becomes even more concerned about Paul’s relationship with Courtney when he sees the pair deliberately tormenting Terese. Unable to condone their actions, Leo tells Paul that Courtney made a pass at him. Will Paul believe his son?

Also, Hamish is gutted when Tyler tells him he’s staying in Erinborough to support Piper through her exams, rather than sailing up to Queensland with him. Determined to get Tyler to leave his home, Hamish sets up a devious plan to break up Tyler and Piper and it involves T-Bone…