Terese is still feeling guilty

Will Terese ever be able to move on from her one-night stand with Paul?

Terese is overcome with guilt over her one night-stand with Paul. To push the guilt away, she decides to join Gary on a fishing trip and at first she’s bored out her mind. However, after listening to Gary’s take on life, she falls more in love with him. The next day, the loved-up couple ask Xanthe to move in with them after the wedding, but they soon regret their offer…

Meanwhile, Tyler is hopeful after his bonding sessions with Hamish and plans to meet him again for coffee. However, Mark and Aaron want to know about him, so they ask Sheila if she knows anything. She has nothing on Hamish but meets him and is charmed by his persona. When Hamish meets Tyler, he backtracks on his earlier statement of not knowing Russell – will this slip up alert Tyler that his father isn’t being completely honest?

Also, Karl threatens to destroy the existing Lassiters statue and Toadie realises that he’s out of control. Toadie comes up with a sneaky plan to put Karl back in his place, but Sonya isn’t keen. However, when Sonya sees Karl acting aggressive towards Xanthe, she tells Toadie she’s fully on board with his idea to teach Karl a lesson. Will their plan work and will the pair finally reunite as a couple?