Terese feels crushed when she sees Gary leaving the hotel in the same clothes he was wearing the day before. When Sheila finds out where Gary spent the night, she also assumes Gary has been with another woman and wastes no time twisting the knife when it comes to Terese. Later, Paige finds Terese rummaging through the hotel’s records to track down the woman Gary spent the night with and admits to feeling hurt. When Gary finds out that Terese is jealous about his night with Caro, will he tell her what actually happened?

Meanwhile, Steph no longer trusts Amy when she says that she has ‘made arrangements’ to fund the wellness centre; especially since Hamish has pulled out. Steph goes to see Terese and asks her if Lassiters could sponsor the Wellness Centre, but Terese tells her that she would have to run it by Paul and the answer would be no. Aware how on edge Steph is, Amy manages to raise $50,000! However, Steph wants to know exactly where Amy got the money from. Does Steph have reason to be suspicious?

There is some good news for the residents of Ramsay Street as they are announced as the winners of the Liveability competition! Everybody is ecstatic and Terese begins to organise a Gay Fawkes ball to celebrate. Meanwhile, Sonya gets a call from the council and they ask her to be the new head of the committee. She says yes – but will this be an answer she soon regrets?