Lauren asks for permission to do more renovations at Harold’s but Terese is aware of Quill’s plan to demolish the shops and knows that any money Lauren invests will be a waste. When Terese rejects Lauren’s application, Brad confronts her for being so petty and pushes her too far. She tells them to pour money into the renovations; she doesn’t care anymore. 

Paul, Steph, Doug, Josh and Amy clean up the motel and it passes the health inspection. Later, Josh admits he was the one who dobbed them into the council as he didn’t think the motel was a good investment for Doug. Wanting to make it up to them, Josh offers to work at the motel but we know it’s so he can keep an eye on his pop.

Mark’s moping about Paige, while she tells Lauren that she thought about nothing except Mark. However, Mark’s attempt at reconciliation soon turns ugly and Constable Ian McKay comes out of the station to break it up. Mark’s mortified when Ian tells him the Sergeant has ordered him to take time off work to sort his mood out.