Paige is shocked that her mother has gate-crashed her 21st birthday party and Brad sends Terese home so he can stay with Lauren to comfort her. The next day, Paige and Brad share a father-daughter moment and a devastated Terese overhears. Later, she discovers Mary was planning to ask Paige to come back to Singapore with her and, determined to drive a wedge between Paige, Lauren and Brad, Terese promises she’ll help Mary reconnect with her daughter. 

Feeling paranoid that Karl doesn’t trust him, and worried about his impending court case, Tyler fires up when Karl asks if he knows where his guitar’s gone. And when Karl uses a trigger phrase that Tyler’s violent father used to employ before beating him, Tyler loses it and Karl is left shaken by his outburst.

Susan is concerned about the complaint Alistair has made to the Celebrants’ Association and the next day Nate and Tyler are stunned to discover Alistair over at the Brennan House, fresh from a swim in the pool. But Nate’s surprised when Susan reveals the complaint’s been dropped – and Alistair and Coco have ended their engagement.