Terese takes Paul to task for revealing to the bride and groom that their ‘professional’ wedding photographer was actually a schoolgirl (Amber) and costing the hotel money. But Paul claims he only wanted to do the right thing. Knowing this and that Paul’s newly installed paid parking is threatening her ability to meet her contract’s productivity clause, Terese is frustrated. Acting on a suggestion from Brad, Terese finds a way to hit Paul where it hurts.

Paul’s promise to remove the paid parking has left his opponent Karl without a popular platform to run with in the mayoral race. But when Terese takes Paul’s platform away, he thinks he and Paul are now on a level playing field.

After being revealed as a fraud at the wedding, Amber’s downcast. But her spirits lift when she discovers the bride and groom loved her work. When Joshua comes to see her, Amber’s mood sours and she tells him she wants some time apart.

Bailey visits Gem in hospital and Gem plays up her pain for attention – inadvertently piquing Toadie’s suspicions. When Gem arrives home, Susan suggests Bailey has a crush on Gem, so Gem tells Bailey she can no longer vote for him to win the sponsorship for the China trip. But lies that it’s because she couldn’t bear him to go.