Terese heads to Canada

When Ezra taunts become too much, Terese insults him and resigns. Brad suggests she goes to Canada to visit Piper but as she heads off to the airport, the sight of Lauren and Brad waving her off together leaves her unsettled. Later, after vowing that he’ll make Ezra pay for what he’s done, Brad hears that Ezra’s son is starting at his school.

Daniel is still shell-shocked at his own behaviour after punching Josh. Meanwhile, Imogen is surprised to learn Daniel started the altercation and asks him not to tell the police – if he does, he’ll jeopardise Josh’s suspended sentence. It’s only later, when he opens up to Imogen about his past experiences, that we learn why the incident with Josh has caused him such angst.

Karl spots Rhonda at The Waterhole and tries to establish whether Dr Nick sabotaged her cancer treatment. But Georgia springs them talking and clocks that something is wrong. Rhonda is forced to come clean and admit her cancer has returned. Georgia is shattered, but her devastation turns to determination as she vows to help her mother beat the cancer.