Terese is in desperate need of a friend and reluctantly accepts Susan’s refusal to choose between her and Lauren. But when she and Brad have a tender moment in the midst of parenting Piper, Terese breaks down in tears. Piper witnesses the breakdown and provides her mum with the support she needs. 

Ben agrees to help Piper test the kindness of Erinsborough’s residents for her vlog. Using Tyler’s dirt bike, the pair set up a “broken down” scenario but Brad shuts down the experiment. When Tyler comes to grab his bikes, he’s shocked to find the garage has been robbed – and his beloved bikes are nowhere to be seen.

Nate’s touched when he sees Aaron’s updated The Heat’s Bla Bla page to say he’s dating Nate Kinski. But when Tyler reveals Aaron’s status is causing a major stir amongst The Heat’s male fans, Nate realises his plan has just backfired.

Brad’s determined to keep his relationship with Lauren purely platonic. But her warm, supportive banter only fuels his attraction, and the pair give into their passion, just for a moment… until he pulls away.