When Brad discovers Paul has been taken in for questioning he assumes he’s responsible for the explosion. Terese defends Paul but when she goes to show Brad the CCTV footage of Lassiters before the explosion she discovers a file has been deleted. Paul protests his innocence but she doesn’t believe him  – he killed her son and she will never forgive him.

Nate is disappointed to learn that Aaron was seeing someone while he was gone. Meanwhile, Aaron gets a call telling him that Tom’s I.D. was found on the stairwell leading to the Lassiter’s underground car park, which has caved in. Tom is missing and presumed dead.

Nene tells Amy that Paul asked her to provide an alibi for him, but Amy’s still convinced he’s innocent because he wouldn’t have put Daniel or Terese at risk. Meanwhile, at the station, Terese arrives and attacks Paul for deleting the CCTV footage from her computer. He is then charged with interfering with an investigation and tampering with evidence.