Terese pays the price for Piper’s actions

Piper's social media rants have consequences for Terese and Paige...

Piper has avoided all her social media platforms since the vile backlash against her vlog on the dangerous culture of video games. However, when she logs back online, she’s shocked to see a vile comment about Terese’s cancer. Piper decides to shut down her online accounts once and for all – but not before filming one final vlog warning trolls to back off.

Later in the day, Piper receives a strange text and, seconds later, the police kick the door down to her family home and wrestle Terese and Paige to the ground. What trouble has Piper caused?

Meanwhile, the Sharma-Rebecchis are on edge after Yashvi’s drinking session. Things become even tenser when Dipi discovers Mishti knew about Yashvi’s date. Dipi continues to question her parenting skills and feels as though her new job at Harold’s has has eaten into her quality time with her daughters. Will Dipi give up her job? And has Yashvi blown her chances with Evan?