Terese Willis plays Paul at his own game

Terese Willis decides to fight fire with fire in Neighbours

Terese is in a spin following Paul’s promise to fire her but Madison suggests she could put in a bid for Lassiters herself. Sure she’d need investors and a loan, but so would Paul. After a pep talk from Susan, Terese decides she’s got nothing to lose, and asks Madison to set up a meeting with the bank.

Piper’s in a foul mood and when she has a go at Elly, the poor girl bursts into tears and hurries away, leaving Piper feeling terrible. When Susan finds out, Piper’s put on detention. But later, a stray cat approaches and Piper gives her a bite to eat. Seems she’s found a kindred spirit.

When Elly almost hits Steph and Charlie with her car, Steph insists Mark fines her for dangerous driving. Elly is genuinely sorry, and Steph’s frustrated when Mark let’s her off with a warning She looks Elly up on the internet… and finds several photos of her with Mark in the pool, complete with affectionate emojis. Steph reels as she realizes Elly is after her man.