Terese realises the depth of Paul’s despair

When Paul discovers the council is investigating him after leaving a secure document in the open, he’s confused, questioning Terese, who was the only one who knew about his mistake. Immediately realising Karl blabbed and worried for Paul’s state of mind, Terese goes to confess her mistake in revealing all to Karl but her concerns about Paul’s state of mind surface at the sight of him. Despite this, she defends Paul’s job as mayor when the council questions her, but with the opening of the art exhibition, Terese gets a shocking glimpse of the turmoil ripping Paul apart.

Imogen is on a quest to win it back the school captaincy and when Susan gives Josh detention for his part in a fellow student’s skating accident, she gets some support for her anger towards Susan. However, fed up with the poor attitudes around her, Terese takes her kids to task, and finally it’s Josh who delivers some home truths to Imogen.

Brad struggles to accept the teaching job as he thinks about what he really wants. He takes himself off for a surf and soon his mind seems much clearer. But all of that goes out the window with an ultimatum from Terese, and Brad takes the plunge, accepting the position at Erinsborough High.