Terese seeks solace in Walter

Terese asks Walter out for coffee and things go well until Walter tries to end the date and a fragile Terese suggest they get to know each other better, confessing she needs something to distract her from all that’s wrong with her life right now. Walter is happy to oblige and Paul is gutted when he spots them in an intimate moment.

Piper decides to play nice with Broadie to find out what he knows about the hotel explosion. But when Brodie lets slip a detail about the explosion that he couldn’t possibly know, she flat out accuses him of masterminding the explosion. He stalks off, but not before giving Piper a scare. Back at home, Piper’s unaware Brodie is in the Willis backyard, looking more than a little menacing.

Ned tells Brad he’s interested in an older woman, and Brad encourages him to go for it. Back at the house, Lauren tries to talk to Brad about the growing distance between them, but Ned’s arrival, all spiffed up to go on a date, sidetracks things and leaves Lauren feeling unsettled.