Terese is shocked to see that Paul has moved on so quickly and with someone half his age! Terese tells Paul that she has called off her marriage to Gary after telling him about their affair. However, she tells Paul that under no circumstances did she confess because she wants to be with him.

Afterwards, Terese goes into hiding, but she’s tracked down by Piper, who tells her she has to face the consequences of her actions. Later, things go from bad to worse for Terese when Paul makes another shock announcement…

Meanwhile, Gary is still stunned by Terese’s confession. Livid, he makes his way to Paul’s penthouse and punches him in the mouth. However, Gary is confused when he finds out Paul is engaged to Courtney. He turns to Susan for advice and explains that he still wants to be with Terese. Will Susan encourage him to save his relationship with Terese?

Also, the fall out from Terese and Gary’s wedding makes Sonya and Toadie think about their own relationship and Mark makes a heartfelt confession to Paige….