Terese threatens Paul

Will Terese have the upper hand against Paul?

Paul continues to make Terese’s life a misery at work. She complains to Gary, who suggests that she quits, but Terese insists she can’t quit and gives Paul an ultimatum: either he steps aside so she can find a new investor – or she tells the police about a ‘software glitch’ he created at the hotel…

Meanwhile, Angie is livid to find out that Sonya and Toadie are back together and nobody told her or informed her about the surprise vow renewal ceremony. After Angie’s constant moaning, Sonya thinks they should cancel the ceremony leaving Dipi dismayed. Later, Angie doesn’t stop laying into Sonya and Dipi’s had enough. How will Angie react to Dipi putting her in her place?

Also, Sheila does her best to pull out of the variety show, but she’s reminded that the show is for Kiresha. Sheila pulls herself together and takes to the stage but when she spots her old school nemesis, Joanne, she runs off. After a pep talk from Susan, however, Sheila decides to get back out on stage, where she gives the performance of her life. She receives a standing ovation – but will Joanne finally apologise for year of bullying?