Terese uncovers Paul’s connection to Marty

Sonya hunts down Marty Kranic – Lucas’s alibi. Terese remembers seeing him in Paul’s penthouse and uncovers a hotel booking made by Paul – but paid by Marty. Concerned the hotel could be implicated if her discovery goes unsaid, Terese urges Paul to tell police about his connection to Marty. But when Paul refuses, Terese is left with no choice.

Mason confronts Amber about why she refused to tell police that Josh was also involved in bribing Robbo. When he learns Josh had a fight with Robbo the night of the hit and run, he accuses Josh of driving the car that night, but Josh refuses to give a clear answer. Fearing Mason has caused Amber to doubt him, Josh insists he didn’t run over Robbo. Loved-up Amber assures him she knows.

Chris is surprised when Hudson reveals he’s quitting swimming as he wants to enjoy time with his boyfriend, but Brad is confident he’ll be able to change his mind.

Georgia breaks down when Karl reveals that, thanks to her, Jack’s pulled through. Urged on by Karl not to give up nursing, Georgia approaches Paul in the hope he’ll release her from her singing contract but Paul refuses. Arranging her shifts so she can do both jobs, Georgia prepares to return to the hospital and faces her fear.