Sheila leads a protest against Karl’s plan to turn the Community Centre into a childcare facility. Karl tries to assure the protestors that his proposal will only compromise part of the centre, but Sheila is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Terese calls a meeting to negotiate with Sheila and the protestors due to the protest being disruptive to businesses in the complex. She proposes that instead of losing the Men’s Shed they acquire an existing property on the cheap. There’s agreement all round – except from Paul. Terese is curious and discovers that Paul has arranged kickbacks which he plans to put into effect once elected as Mayor.

Sheila lets slip that Lauren has been dreaming about Brad. Matt confronts Lauren who tells him that the dreams mean nothing. However, the explanation does nothing to appease Matt’s concern. Later when Amber asks what time Matt will be home from work, Lauren’s unsure…

Joshua tells Brad about the kiss with journalist. Later, Joshua tells Amber that she’s the only girl for him, failing to tell her about the kiss with Ruby.

Amber melts and they end up taking their relationship to the next level. Back together with Amber, Josh is content… until he gets a suggestive text from Ruby.