Terese wants Paul to suffer

Piper interviews Paul for her vlog, and he explains he’s in love with Terese and would never do anything to hurt her family. But Terese thinks Paul’s manipulating her daughter for his own benefit. Hating the idea of Paul getting off scot free, Terese has a drink and makes a veiled offer – if Cecilia tells the police that Paul confessed to causing the explosion, Terese will make sure she’s set up for life.

Toadie isn’t happy when Sonya’s long-lost uncle Walter appears and tells Steph that Walter’s addiction to alcohol could trigger a relapse in Sonya. But Steph feels for the old man and is determined to convince Toadie he should give Walter another chance. Toadie’s unimpressed with Walter’s excuses, but things go from bad to worse when Sonya arrives home early.

Nate’s alarmed when he learns that Aaron’s representing Paul. But Aaron thinks if he can change the public perception of Paul, it’ll make people notice him. Nate gives him an ultimatum – cut Paul loose or he’ll withdraw his investment in the business.