Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the cyborg assassin, but this time he’s the good guy.

In the first film, he was trying to kill the mother (Linda Hamilton) of the future leader of ‘the war against the machines’, but now he’s been programmed to save her son (Edward Furlong) from an even more deadly enemy, the liquid metal T-1000 Terminator (Robert Patrick) – which is able to instantly change shape and even become the exact replica of any human.

The molten metal special effects really are exceptional and Schwarzenegger destructively goes to town with everything from a six-barrelled machine gun to a grenade launcher. However, the main reason that the film works so well is the fact that all that hugely expensive mayhem is attached to a plot in which his character can develop.

Bolt on some delicious black-comic moments and more than a few clever twists and blockbuster perfection isn’t very far away.