Terrence continues to deceive the locals

Fake psychic Terrance plays mind games with his Ramsey Street sceptics, informing Susan that Alex disapproves of her remarriage, and warning Toadie that Dee isn’t happy about Steph. Lou, Susan and Toadie remain hostile to the crazy clairvoyant, but Janelle is convinced, and helps Sky scatter Stingray’s ashes at the skate park.

Dodgy doctor Charlotte Stone is far too nervous to give baby Charlie his vaccines so only pretends to give the tot his jabs. Meanwhile, Terrence urges his partner in crime to accept Paul’s bribe, but, feeling increasingly nervous about too many close calls, Charlotte refuses. Plus, after some research into Paul’s condition, she is starting to fear that Paul may be seriously ill.

With Charlotte’s dodgy medications lowering her inhibitions, Carmella’s loose tongue is getting her into trouble. She offends Rosie by telling her she thinks she’s only getting back together with Frazer because his disabilities mean he can no longer have intimate relations with her.

Hurt and concerned about Carmella’s change of personality, Rosie approaches Charlotte, who fobs her off, by arguing that clearly Rosie is the one with the problem.

Also, unsettled by Susan’s marital problems and Terrence’s certainty that Dee disapproves of Steph, Toadie gets cold feet about moving in with Steph.