After combing the internet, Diane finds out there are drugs that can help people who may have been exposed to HIV. Arranging an appointment to see a doctor, the landlady is thrilled when the doctor prescribes the very pills she’s read about. Returning to the village, Diane’s guilt comes rushing back as she catches up with Val and urges her to open up to Eric.

The shoplifting saga continues at the café when Alicia comes in having lost her necklace. Brenda’s affronted when Bob blames her – and to add insult to injury, he suggests she stole his Valentine gift, too. After producing the receipt as proof that bought his present, Brenda storms off.

The burglary at Mill Cottage becomes even more of a burden on Bernice when Jimmy realises Anton took his late brother Carl’s cufflinks.  The police won’t help – but is there something Bernice could do? Not about to let Chas get tangled up with James, Cain engineers it so the farmer has to go to France on business.