Terry closes in on the paedophile ring

DS Max Carter and DC Terry Perkins quiz paedophile Graham Rixton about an online network he’s been found on. The network has revealed that a young boy, later identified as Simon Thomas, will be abused live on the net that night. And Supt Faraday knows that if they are to save Simon they must work out who’s running the network.

After finding out where the network administrator is based, the officers rush to the address only to find it empty. Realising that the suspect is working on a wireless network, DS Stuart Turner, Terry and Faraday chase after a van that suddenly drives away and find known sex offender Peter Williams in the driving seat with a laptop.

Back at the station, and aware that time is rapidly running out for Simon, Terry interviews Peter once again before heading over to Peter’s house to find clues that will lead them to the missing boy. Terry finds an address and alerts the other officers to where Simon is – but there are now just minutes to spare…

Are they too late to save Simon?