Bob persuades Terry to give the police his statement, but Terry becomes worried by their aggressive questioning. Terry is eventually released, but not before they draw attention to his confrontation with Tom before Tom’s wedding to Rosemary. Louise offers to give Terry an alibi, but he’s annoyed by her hint that she thinks he may be guilty.

David pitches his new cleaning business to the villagers and secures Grayson’s custom. A furious Laurel confronts David and demands that he explain why he’s stealing her customers! It seems like David has inherited his dad’s devious business strategies.

Matthew and Carl are disgruntled when Rosemary invites Vaughan to Home Farm for dinner and the brothers resolve to ruin their evening. Rosemary isn’t impressed when Matthew turns up with a woman on his arm and a drink in his hand and proceeds to berate Vaughan for sticking his nose into matters that don’t concern him.

Elsewhere, Jack persuades Len to help out at the garage while Scott is away.