Terry goes undercover minicabbing

Pcs Nate Roberts and Tony Stamp are leaving St Hugh’s hospital after a night shift, when are car pulls up outside and a girl, Claire Webster, is pushed out with six bags of cocaine before speeding off. DCs Terry Perkins and Mickey Webb visit Claire, who denies knowing anything about the drugs and says she can’t remember anything.

Terry and Mickey soon learn that Claire had taken lots of cocaine before being pushed out of a minicab from a firm run by Alan Brady. Certain that Brady has something to do with the drugs, Terry goes undercover as a mini-cab driver and the firm’s owner, Jimmy Thompson, wants him to start straight away.

Meanwhile, Claire confesses to Mickey that she had been buying cocaine from Brady to sell onto friends. She admits that she’d been leading Brady on a bit and when he realised she was teasing, he forced her to pay her debts. When she failed to pay, he arranged to have her beaten up.

The next night, Brady gives Terry a package to deliver and DCI Jack Meadows is horrified when it turns out to be a letter bomb. Impressed, Jimmy tells Terry he will be needed for a big job the next day, and Terry wonders what he’s let himself in for…