Terry has murder in mind

Jay go. Terry accuses Jay of taking money from him on the sly and reveals he’s shown Jay photos of Jase’s recent ‘jobs’ to show him what kind of man his father is.

A plucky Jay tells Terry that he loves his dad no matter what and a furious Terry pulls out a knife. A desperate Jase flings himself at Terry and the knife spins away. Billy is looking on, petrified, and Jase yells at Billy to get Jay out of the flat.

Billy is terrified and locks himself and Jay in the van, but Jay forces him to go back into the flat to help his dad. Billy finds Jase being beaten to within an inch of his life and he hides in the bathroom. Jay manages to call Honey, who calls the police and Terry and his thugs are arrested. Jase is rushed to hospital but dies on the operating table. Jay is distraught, while Billy is wracked with guilt.

Meanwhile, Shirley makes an unwitting Dawn feel bad for forcing Jase to do a dangerous job so she can live the high life.

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