Sergeant Nikki Wright turns up at a factory to find suspected paedophile, Josh Carey, threatening to jump off the roof. When Josh tells Nikki that his only friend is Paul Warren, a man he met in an internet chat room, Nikki convinces Josh not to jump by saying that he can help to arrest Paul.

When questioned, Josh confesses to DC Terry Perkins that Paul invited him to join his circle of ‘like-minded friends’, giving him his phone number. Terry suggests to DI Neil Manson that, given that Josh has never met Paul face to face, Josh could work undercover to help expose a child porn ring.

Elsewhere at Sun Hill, Pc Reg Hollis and Phil Hunter are assigned to a case where a £15,000 necklace has disappeared from a body in a sealed coffin. At the funeral home, Reg and Phil talk to Richard Etheridge, the brother of the deceased, who blames the funeral home owners, Derek and Bev Morris.

Later, Crime Scene Examiner Lorna Hart informs DC Jo Masters and DS Stuart Turner that Richard’s fingerprints were found all over the window that was broken into and on the inside of the coffin. When questioned, Richard admits that he did break into the coffin to steal the necklace – but soon realised that someone had beat him to it…