Working undercover as a taxi driver, DC Terry Perkins is shocked when a young German girl, Charlotte Fischer, is bundled into the car by armed manager Alan Brady, who orders Terry to drive off. After telling Charlotte’s parents about the kidnap, DCI Jack Meadows realises that the taxi firm is involved, and knows they must work closely with the German police to save Charlotte.

When Terry demands to know what’s going on, Jimmy Thompson, the firm’s owner, claims he’s been hired to exchange Charlotte for money later that day, and Terry secretly notifies Jack. Later, Jimmy and Terry wait at Piccadilly Circus to meet Nick Carson. But as they prepare to make the exchange, Charlotte breaks free and runs through the streets of London.

As both English and German police officers try to get Charlotte to safety, she’s captured by Carson, who bundles her into a car. Terry is then cornered by Carson’s boss, Viktor Hauptmann, who forces him into the car at gunpoint. As Sun Hill try to keep tabs on Terry, Viktor reveals that they will all be driving to a different airport and catching a flight to Germany.

As Terry’s plane takes off, he wonders if Sun Hill officers will find him… and if he’ll get out of this alive?

*Two-part special featuring officers from German cop show SOKO: Leipzig*

VIDEO: Watch a clip from this episode of The Bill.