Terry has found out about Pollard‘s plans for a housing development and when he sees Pollard talking to Matthew he is enraged, suspecting that they are in league. Terry confronts Matthew and reminds him that the last King development ended in Dawn’s death and threatens to not give him a minute’s peace if he attempts another one. Matthew realises a new development could be more trouble than it’s worth and he tells Pollard he’s pulling out.

Marlon is getting too big for his boots with his new ‘celebrity’ status and when Val asks him to warm up some gazpacho soup he throws a strop and orders her out of the kitchen! Diane gently suggests that Marlon sticks to the cooking and drops the drama queen act. Marlon is even more enraged by Diane’s interference and when the new manager of The Malt drops in and offers him a job he is given food for thought.

Carl is astonished when he finds Donald working in the office and he orders him to go out to the garden and relax with a book and the radio. Donald is touched by Carl’s concern and hints that he won’t go unrewarded.