Terry’s on the trail of robber Jimmy

DC Terry Perkins learns from old informant, Barry Jenkinson, that killer Jimmy Duncan has planned a transit robbery for that day, and Terry agrees to investigate. Barry tells Terry that his son Reece is the getaway driver for the job and, as Reece is questioned, Terry urges Barry to drive in his son’s place to help them nail Jimmy.

Waiting for Barry’s signal, Terry hears that the robbery has taken place and that Jimmy and pal, Doug Spence, have been arrested. Terry and new recruit DS Max Carter rush to Barry’s garage, where a dying Barry says that Jimmy has shot him. Later, a drunk and emotional Terry is put in one of Sun Hill’s cells to sober up.

Elsewhere, Pcs Sally Armstrong and Ben Gayle arrest two drunk girls, Paula Wilson and Tiff Bennett, who can’t afford their cab fare from the airport. After being put in a cell to sober up, the girls’ boyfriends, Michael and Damo, arrive at Sun Hill to get them out, but become nervous and leave in a hurry.

Later, Sun Hill is brought to a terrifying halt when two masked men arrive and demand that certain prisoners are set free…