Tess helps Charlie interview for Abs’s job, and is surprised when one candidate, April, needs her life coach, Crispin, to help her get through the interview, while another, Jay, is far too confident for her liking. Cocky Jay fails to impress Tess but Charlie takes a shine to him and offers him the job. But when Jay toys with the offer, Tess fears that Charlie’s made a big mistake.

When Dixie freaks out after someone throws a brick through her window, Jeff surprises her with a Labrador puppy ‘Little Abs’ to keep her company. Later, as Dixie and Jeff jump into action when a cage fight descends into chaos, someone firebombs Dixie’s flat. Dixie and Jeff return to find the flat’s been gutted – and there’s no sign of Little Abs…

Nick Jordan wants to get to the bottom of the incident where a patient was given an accidental overdose, and is surprised when all the staff vouch for Adam. Satisfied with their testimonies, Jordan tells Adam he won’t be taking the matter further but says he wants Adam to see duty counsellor Ben straight away, and Adam reluctantly agrees.

And Ruth encourages April to sack Crispin, but he soon finds another ‘client’.