Tess is the first to know Fletch’s wife is pregnant!

Former lovers Tess and Fletch face an awkward day at work when Fletch’s wife Natalie turns up in the ED. The guilt of her recent affair with Fletch weighs heavily on Tess’s mind as a frustrated Natalie – who is in the dark about the affair – seeks out her nurse husband, who’s left home with her car keys.

When Natalie collapses in the corridor Tess is left to do some tests. Things go from bad to worse for Tess when the results reveal Natalie is pregnant and she has to deliver the news to an unsuspecting Natalie and Fletch at her bedside.

The awkward scenario gets even more trying for Tess when she’s forced to watch Natalie have an ultrasound – having recently secretly terminated Fletch’s baby…

Totally distracted, Tess then makes a mistake with a diabetic patient, Peter, and attaches a bag of potassium rather than saline to his drip.
After the team scramble to make sure a struggling Peter is ok, Fletch discovers Tess’s initials on the notes and rather than let his ex-lover take the blame, he replaces them with his own.

When an angry Zoe corners Fletch for ‘his’ mistake, he keeps quiet and takes the flak to protect Tess.

Will Fletch face a career flatline in order to preserve his own guilt over Tess and Natalie?

Elsewhere, junior doctor Lily’s handling of a mentally vulnerable patient cause the emergency department nurses to band together.