Since her affair with former co-worker Fletch was revealed Tess has sought refuge in clinical lead Connie Beauchamp’s new cost-cutting regime and hard-line management style.


This week staff nurses Robyn and Lofty are demoralised when Tess gives them a harsh dressing down in front of Connie. Robyn made a joke on a patient’s medical notes and under-confident Lofty generally isn’t up to managerial standards. It doesn’t help their case that they’ve both turned up late for work, dressed in superhero costumes after a late night party!


Charlie tells Tess he dislikes her harsh new managerial style and criticises the decision to include Connie in nurse business. Meanwhile Connie’s pushing Tess to retire Charlie! Unsure of where her loyalties lie, Tess continues to gently press Charlie to retire in order to please Connie, even though it could mean losing one of her oldest friends and loyal colleagues…


Elsewhere Max agrees to go on a blind date, even though he’s secretly still pining for Zoe. But he changes his mind after a heart-to-heart with one of the patients. Timid Lofty stands up to an abusive husband who beats up his terrified deaf wife. And both Tess and Connie are surprised when Lofty and Robyn tell them some home truths!