With Rhona wanting more kids in her life, Paddy is really worried. Knowing he’s cheated on his wife, he doesn’t feel as if they’re in the right place to take any more strain on their marriage. Unable to talk it out with Rhona, Paddy turns to Tess, who he recently secretly slept with. And when she moves in for a kiss, will he kiss her back?

At the B&B, Tanya wakes up hungover and is totally freaked out to find Jai in the room! And when he claims they slept together, she’s utterly horrified. With Tanya believing every word, Jai warns her that unless she and Nik leave Emmerdale, he’s going to tell his brother what happened and show him the photos he took of her in bed. His sordid plan works like a dream and soon, Nik and Tanya are packed and ready to go…

Laurel’s got to get out from under the same roof as Marlon. But when Nicola suggests she shack up with Jimmy so Laurel can keep an eye on him for her, is she leaping from the frying pan into the fire?