Leanne has another crisis of conscience outside when she meets up with Will, but when he tries to talk her round, they end up kissing again and are caught red-handed by Texas. Leanne decides she has to leave, while a furious Tex confides in Dodger that she was relieved by what she saw. It’s clear that Texas finally feels free and tells Dodger that it’s him that she really wants.

Mercedes is wracked with guilt and as she holds a vigil at Browning’s hospital bed the McQueens reveal all about Jacqui. Feeling guilty about what her sister’s given up for her, she pleads with Paul to open his eyes and he does… At the McQueens, Mercy can’t stop thinking about Jacqui and reminisces about their favourite holiday together – Alicante.

When Darren is distracted, Clare sneaks into the pub and poor Tom’s terrified, faced with the woman of his nightmares.

Also, Carmel is well and truly won over by Jim at last.