Just when it looked like she was getting her life and career back on track, Thandie Griffin’s world is turned upside down by the shock arrival of her brother Moses. Fresh off a plane from Uganda, Moses is dying of advanced stage AIDS and knowing he’s facing a painful demise, begs Thandie to end his life.

Thandie, realising that treating Moses breaks the rules of the hospital, passes her brother off as a stranger in order to tend to his pain. Ric, who recently began to fall for Thandie again, agrees to assist in keeping Moses’ identity secret. Eventually, realising that her brother is asking to give him a dignified death, Thandie relents and administers a lethal dose of morphine. Distraught, Thandie admits her actions to a stunned Ric. Though Ric is sympathetic to Thandie’s decision, Moses’ death drives a heartbreaking gulf between the pair who realise they can never make a go of their marriage.

Knowing her actions mean her Holby career is over, Thandie tells a regretful Michael Spence that she’s leaving the hospital. Ric agrees to continue with the plan to postpone their divorce proceedings until she has citizenship and watches sadly as Thandie walks out of Holby once more. This time, for good…

Meanwhile, Joseph attempts to breathe life into his failing marriage to Faye with little success. Is there a future for this crumbling couple?

Elsewhere, George confesses to Maria that he’s bisexual and she promptly dumps him.