This is it, then, fans: the final episode in the 27-year run of The Bill… And the Sun Hill mob are crime-fighting right up until the bitter end.

Continuing on from last week’s execution of teenage Liam Martin, the officers now have to add the gang rape of Jasmine Harris to the investigation. Jasmine’s brutal assault was punishment at the hands of the vicious Parkway Crew for talking to the police about Liam’s murder, which was committed by a gang member. But she’s not helping the police any more.

At the station, Inspector Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith tries to get Jasmine to give him a statement, but she’s keeping her mouth shut and, to his astonishment, she’s driven from Sun Hill by the gang-bangers accused of raping her.

DC Mickey Webb is determined to restore Jasmine’s faith in the force and convinces Ruby Collier, teen drug-runner for the gang, to tell him where witness Derek Bailey is hiding. Sgt Callum Stone rushes to the hide-out and comes face-to-face with gun-toting gang member Gary Stone. Callum manages to hit his panic button and an armed response unit rushes to his aid. But will they get there in time to save his life? Can Mickey convince Jasmine the force is with her? It’s up to Supt Jack Meadows to take drastic action to close the grim case… And the police files for ever.