‘That’s great Kat, but who’s the father?’

Kat is feeling queasy and Jean is suspicious that she may be pregnant, especially when she turns down a glass of champagne to celebrate Shenice staying. Kat confirms Jean’s suspicions and reveals she’s apprehensive about another pregnancy. Jean reassures her that Alfie loves her. Kat tells Alfie she has a surprise for him and excitedly reveals she’s pregnant. Kat is shocked when Alfie asks her who the father is…

Michael gets a young professional boxer Duncan down the gym as motivation to get Tyler to agree to the fight. Michael asks Eddie and the boys for a drink. Michael gives Tyler a boxer’s robe with ‘Tyler The Rottweiler’ emblazoned on the back. Michael brings out a picture of Eddie in his boxing heyday for further motivation. Tyler takes the bait and tells Michael that the fight is on.

Tanya has an appointment with her consultant. He reveals that her cancer is small and ideal for surgery. The consultant recommends that if Tanya doesn’t need chemotherapy, then she should have a hysterectomy. Tanya confesses that she hasn’t told her family yet and he sympathises. Back home, a stressed Tanya rows with Cora when she discovers her and Patrick drinking booze with Lauren and Abi and Cora leaves.