That’s NOT how you attach a necklace

Rodney tells Matthew that he’s retrieved the missing necklace, but when Matthew learns that it’s a fake, they suspect jewellery salesman Bruce of running a scam. Bruce is furious when Rodney accuses him of selling replica jewellery and he storms over to find Debbie to see what she knows about it. Eli sees Bruce getting physical with Debbie and he steps in and leaves Bruce battered and bleeding. Lexi and Chas learn that the necklace is a fake, but Lexi is suspicious that Debbie know more than she’s letting on.

Perdy has a day release from the psychiatric ward and Rosemary makes a show of welcoming her home, while Perdy goes along with Rosemary’s false greeting. Rosemary is disturbed to learn that Perdy could be let out of hospital permanently. She crushes a malaria tablet into Perdy’s drink, but her plan is thwarted when Perdy fails to drink it.

Carl discovers the death notice for Grace’s mum in the paper and he tries to call her but a grief-stricken Grace leaves the phone to ring, unable to bring herself to answer it.

Also, Ashley admits to Laurel that Emily has the hots for him.