That’s not quite cricket

In the series finale, Thomas faces ruin when O’Brien’s smirking plotting leaves him without a reference. But Bates manages to come to his rescue by blackmailing O’Brien, and the result is that Bates gets to keep his job.

Bates and Anna are also given a new cottage, which they waste no time in starting to decorate.

Then a fiery young relative, Rose, arrives at Downton. It’s clear she’s going to be trouble from the start, and wastes no time in proving it! It’s not long before she heads to London to meet a married man. Matthew stops her from doing so, and Rose is promptly banished by the Dowager to Scotland.

Then, Matthew and Mary are elated to find out they can have family and the house enjoys its annual cricket match against the village and Thomas scores a hundred, while unwilling player Branson takes a great catch.