The Almost People

The previous episode ended with the Doctor having met his own doppelganger, created from fully programmable flesh. The two Time Lords are soon enjoying each other’s company, a rare chance for The Doctor to meet an intellectual equal!

“I’m starting to get a sense of how impressive it is to hang out with me,” says the ever-modest TARDIS-dweller to his clone.

A genuinely tense, fast-paced, quick-witted, action-packed episode, packed full of surprises, kicks into gear – as Rory is led astray by Jennifer (Sarah Smart).

The Doctor subtly undermines the reasons behind the battle between the ‘real’ humans at the futuristic acid mining company and their ‘Gangers’, with a little help from his own clone.

A thrilling episode ends in a way that no one could have predicted – with a shocking reveal about Amy Pond, showing us exactly why she has been showing up as pregnant in the TARDIS’s onboard body-scanner.