Business as usual – Lord Sugar’s on the hunt for a new partner!

Hurrah! Time to settle in for another 12 weeks of boardroom backstabbing and bickering.

It wouldn’t be the same without a food-based task to start, and this year’s is a corker as the 18 moguls-in-waiting have to get up before dawn to make and sell their own burger range.

When one team aims for a ‘luxury’ product and the other a ‘healthy’ one, the Trade Descriptions Act might well be contravened!

With the usual dubious ingredients, poor time-management and squabbles over selling locations, there are stumbling blocks aplenty, but who will be Lord Sugar’s burger kings or queens and who will end up wanting to turn veggie after becoming the first evictee?!

You’re Fired follows (10.00pm, BBC2), hosted by Rhod Gilbert.