Jean Dujardin plays a famous silent actor in this joyous celebration of the early days of cinema.

This stunning, multi-Oscar winner – filmed in black-and-white and with next to no dialogue – gets the looks, sound and effect of a silent movie just right.

The cast is ideal, too, with Dujardin every inch the part of the sauve and dashing movie star and Bérénice Bejo as the sassy young fan he accidentally propels to fame, only to see his own star wane with the arrival of the talkies.

With its echoes of a slew of Hollywood classics from A Star is Born to Singin’ in the Rain, The Artist is stuffed full of great sight gags, has nifty supporting performances from the likes of John Goodman and James Cromwell and boasts a cute canine sidekick in scene-stealing Jack Russell, Uggie.