The Ashworths are at war

Unhappy that Rhys is back, Josh tries to avoid him. Meanwhile, Rhys feels excluded from his family and tries to make things right with Josh, who begins to thaw towards his brother. But when he overhears Rhys talking to Hannah about his feelings for Beth, his hatred grows again. Hannah tries to sort things out with Josh, and the divided Ashworths have a row which ends up with Neville, Josh and Gilly deciding to leave home, while a guilty Rhys comforts his devastated mum and sister.

Frankie feels insecure when she overhears Jack reminiscing with Darren about the good times they had before he met her and they have an argument, which is unfortunately witnessed by Newt’s social worker. As Newt tells the social worker he’s happy staying with the Osbornes, Darren tells a shocked Jack that the only way to cut back on their outgoings is to get rid of Newt.

A loved up Zoe and Mike attempt to have a lunchtime picnic in Washed Up but are interrupted by an oblivious Michaela. Meanwhile, Zoe worries about her dad’s imminent visit.

Also, Sasha and Fletch give in to their temptations and share a wrap of heroin.

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