Josh is shocked that the Ashworths’ are planning to move to Spain without him, he’s even more stunned that they’ll be leaving today! Duncan however is desperate not to go, he has just settled in to life in Hollyoaks and it’s full of babes. Despite his heartache, Josh thanks Rhys for always being there for him. Especially throughout the drink driving debacle, Rhys has been his rock.

Josh puts on a brave face while Rhys tries to get Neville to change his mind and bring Josh to Spain with them. Rhys is stunned to learn that Neville blames Josh for all the family’s troubles. Outraged at Neville’s ignorance, Rhys finally decides to come clean – it was Rhys that spiked Josh’s drink. Neville’s shocked and needs to weigh up what would be best for his family.

The Valentines are in a sombre mood as they prepare for Calvin’s funeral. But Lauren and Sasha struggle to grieve, until Leo points out that it was their brother Calvin that brought them up.

Also; It looks as if the Valentines will pull together, until Sasha finds out what Lauren and Gaz have been lying to Spencer about. An argument ensues between Sasha and Lauren, leading Lauren to have a very serious accident.

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