Hannah is nervous about Justin‘s attendance at the family meal. Hannah catches Rhys whispering a threat in Justin’s ear and when Rhys continues to goad Justin at the dinner table she comes to the conclusion that Rhys must have planted the food in her room so he can blame Justin. Justin and Rhys come to blows and Suzanne confesses to the family about finding the food. Hannah is devastated and flees to her room.

Nancy reluctantly agrees to go along with Russ plan to snatch Max and flee abroad with him. Nancy meets Russ outside the McQueens when he texts her to help him do the deed and tries to talk him out of his crazy scheme. Nancy tells Russ that she loves him and he must decide – either stay in Hollyoaks with her or leave without her.

Jacqui, Carmel and Theresa decide to arrange a family photo with Max and have fun dressing him up and staging the photo. Meanwhile, Russ is outside the house, torn about whether to continue his plan to take his son and leave the village. Jacqui confides in Carmel that she fears she’s not up to being a mum to Max but Carmel reassures her.

Also, Zoe struggles with the guilt of plagiarising Mike’s film.

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