The Ashworths get a shock

The Ashworths are in turmoil following Rhys and Beth’s departure, with Josh’s anger continuing to fester. Hannah starts slipping back into her old ways and takes out her anger on Danny who is devastated when she finishes with him. Soon realising she’s been too hasty, Hannah apologises and admits she loves him.

After being honest about her insecurities, the pair share an intimate moment. But they are interrupted by the police arriving on the family’s doorstep to inform them that Rhys has been involved in a serious accident. As the family race against time to see him, Gilly gets a devastating shock when he reaches the hospital…

Carmel is thrilled when Calvin suggests they have a party to celebrate their engagement. But her excitement soon turns to disappointment when Myra states she’s not going to her party if Valerie’s going to be there. Back home, while Carmel poses in her new party outfit, Calvin is horrified by Sasha’s desperate outburst.

Max and Steph entertain themselves by speaking to their Mobs customers in foreign languages, until Tom gets his head stuck between the railings of the Il Gnosh patio. Luckily Niall saves the day – much to Max’s dismay.

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