The attack of the ex-girlfriends!

Tony worries about Jacqui’s reaction to the fact that his ex-girlfriends are going to descend on Hollyoaks for his birthday, and tells Jacqui that Tina was responsible for inviting them using his address book. Tony is gobsmacked as Izzy, Julie and Tessie arrive for the party.

While Tony tries to get rid of Julie, Jacqui squares up to Izzy, but is forced to rethink when she is complimentary about Jacqui and Tony’s relationship. Tony is relieved that he seems to have avoided any trouble, until Tessie drops the bombshell that Tony has an eight-year-old son!

Steph takes off after overhearing Max tell Jack that looking after Tom is affecting their relationship. She is on her way past his flat when a distressed Tom begs her to fix his broken toy. Later, Max returns to the flat from Tony’s birthday party to find Steph reading Tom a story. Max urges Steph to stay, telling her they’ve got something special and he doesn’t want to let it go.

With Summer heartbroken by James’ news that he is leaving for Afghanistan, Sarah suggests she asks him to stay with her. Summer agrees and gives James an ultimatum: It’s either her or the army.