Bianca and Heath’s baby needs a blood transfusion urgently and the race is on to find a suitable donor. Luckily, Heath proves to be a match and, after several tests, he’s cleared for the transfusion. The operation is successful and Sid expects a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Bianca manages to get Heath to explain what’s irritating him and, with his fears dispelled, the couple get down to naming the baby. They come up with Rocco – Bianca’s grandfather’s name – but Heath insists he doesn’t have the surname Braxton… that name is too much trouble.

Dex helps April get back to her studies and Sid is impressed with the support he’s giving her through the family turmoil, though he questions whether his son’s giving enough time to his own studies. Later, Dex gets a letter from uni that suggests Sid isn’t far off the mark.

Romeo returns from his sales conference and it’s not long before Leah learns that Ruby still hasn’t told him about her fake pregnancy. She heads straight over and urges Ruby to come clean – or she’ll tell him herself.

Later, though Romeo’s celebrating being cleared to surf again, Ruby finally confesses she’s not pregnant. However, Romeo infers that she’s lost the baby and a guilty Ruby can’t help but go along with it…