The Ballad of Booth!

As Angie Bolen is being held captive by evil Patrick Logan (John Barrowman) in her home, she remembers back to how the pair became partners in crime at college, many years ago. We see Angie as a brilliant engineering student who the long-haired environmental activist Logan once convinced to build him a bomb. Now cuffed to her bed, Logan tells her that he wants her to make another bomb, or he’ll kill her and her family. Then things get even worse when her son Danny arrives home unexpectedly and Logan takes him as another hostage. When Gaby makes a neighbourly visit, Angie manages to sneak a note to her in a lasagne!

Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom hear that Irina is the latest victim of the Fairview strangler, then overhears at the police station that Eddie’s mum Barbara is a victim too. She then starts to suspect their lodger, Eddie, when he says he’s just had a phone call from his mum in Florida. He goes back to his own home, where Lynette eventually confronts him. He locks the door and closes the blinds – is he about to strangle his next victim?

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