Lewis reveals he needs to do some last minute packing and arranges to meet Audrey later for their farewell party. She’s blissfully unaware of his intentions. Meanwhile, Peter’s back and is shocked to hear of Lewis’s big win. As he examines the betting slip he realises the timing doesn’t add up – Deirdre was working when he laid the bet not Leanne.

As Audrey’s friends gather in the pub Peter grills Deirdre who claims she didn’t take the bet. Grabbing the CCTV Peter starts to look for evidence of Lewis’s fraud. The Barlows are stunned by what they see, but are worried Lewis has already made his getaway.

Natasha reveals she’s arranged for her and Nick to see a mortgage advisor and he’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights. As he hints that things might be going a bit fast Natasha wells up and demands to know if this is the end. Faced with an ultimatum Nick needs to make a decision.

Bill has an accident while working for Owen and nearly injures Izzy. So Owen lays into him, claiming he’s too old for the business.

Also, Sally discovers Sophie lied to her about attending the festival with Sian; Molly tells Dev she’s finishing at the shop, but doesn’t reveal whether she’s leaving Weatherfield.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Deirdre pleads her case, while both Ken and Peter are filled with rage. Desperate to stop Lewis leaving the country Peter heads to the Platts where all eyes are on Audrey, who’s starting to worry about Lewis’s no show. Audrey’s sure there must be some mistake, but when she fails to contact Lewis her worst fears are realised. Remembering the hundred thousand pounds that’s due to be transferred she frantically calls the bank.

Nick does nothing to convince Natasha about the future of their relationship, so she storms out believing it’s his way of finishing with her. Leanne finds her crying outside and attempts to console her, but when Natasha reveals she’s pregnant Leanne urges her to tell Nick.

Bill rejects Owen’s offer to buy the builders’ yard. So he menacingly insists he wants it no matter what and it’s time for Bill to retire.

Also, Sally bans Sophie from seeing Sian as punishment for lying about the festival; Owen asks Eileen out on a date when Liz plays hard to get.

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